Getaway 车游天下 -- A travelling TV show


Want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the cities?
Want to have a taste of the originality and diversity of different regions across China?
Want to get to know China more by stepping deep into the exotic places that you might have never been to?

GetAway, a thirty minute bilingual show on International Channel of Shanghai, offers more not just that. Focusing on self-driving travellers' experience, it takes you away to the most exciting and interesting places across China, from Tibet, Yunan, Mongolia to West Gobey…from sunny beaches to the most remote and reserved forrests and moutains, from people on the horseback to the minority tribes in the south…

Beatiful landscapes, local customs and interesting history and legends in a package of a fascinating visual pleasure, along with handy tips on travel itinerary, dining, accommodation, entertainment and shopping. We set our foot on the unlimited fun land across China, just wait to be surprised!

仰观峰岭之高, 俯察河川之深, 转动自由的车轮, 载着人文的心灵。吃点山货,喝口土酒,逛回庙会,放松心情, 放松心灵,驰骋于雅俗之间。《车游天下》,外语频道一档双语都市时尚旅游节目,外籍主持主观视角,强调流动感拍摄,突出驾车游机动性;动态介绍最具参与性、互动性的旅游项目,强调旅途及节目本身的娱乐性。除了美食,住宿,娱乐,购物的各项旅游小贴士之外,更带领观众领略中国各地风光,了解本土风情,深入本土历史文化,给观众不一样的视觉感受和体验。

Getaway 车游天下

8:30pm, Every Friday
每周五晚8点30分 ICS